We have a shortlist of personally selected partners that we collaborate with to pool quality healthcare resources.

This means we can call upon trusted professionals with pre-hospital care assets to complement any event, no matter how large.triathlon event paramedic services herts beds bucks

You can rest assured that your event will have the right medical cover with the appropriate number of staff, each qualified to do the task that they are deployed.

No square pegs in round holes, no under-qualified first aiders.

Incidents happen, we can help minimize risks to prevent accidents, but we can’t control all unfortunate events. What we can do is plan, prepare and provide the best possible care.

More often than not our first responders can treat patients onsite, mostly with minor dressings, perhaps basic medications and those people can continue to enjoy your event.

event first aid medics hertfordshireOthers may require assessment and observations before a decision is made as to whether the patient needs to be transported to the hospital. If this is the case and we have provided your event with a Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered independent ambulance, there is no waiting time for our NHS Ambulance colleagues.

When it comes to assessments, we can use an on-site medical room, we can erect a medical tent or we can provide an assessment vehicle.

outdoor event first aid bedfordshireIt is important to point out that we cannot have one vehicle for both assessment and patient transport, both must be used for the purpose to which we supply them. If only an assessment/treatment vehicle is booked, it will remain on-site for assessment, treatment and observations. Should we need to arrange transport to the hospital, we will call for an NHS ambulance.

So, together with our professional pre-hospital care partners, we ensure you are covered from one solo first responder to a full medical team, at your service.

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