Bonfire Fireworks Display First Aid Cover for Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Leicistershire, Northamptonshire

Very often during the planning of a bonfire fireworks event, people volunteer as ‘first aiders’ and ‘fire marshals for the event.

In turn, far too many event organisers believe that they would be covered for first aid if their own staff or volunteers have first aid at work (FAW) training.

bonfire night first aid cover hertfordshire bedfordshire essexCaution is required because H.S.E (Health and Safety Executive are clear in their governance that first aid staff must have no other duties and responsibilities during the event.

This includes the duties of a fire marshal.

With the greatest respect to all those who have taken the time and expense in embarking upon a First Aid at Work course, in the event of a serious burn injury, can they recall their short first aid course instruction on dealing with burns?

Do they have the correct equipment and disposables, are they very clear, especially under traumatic circumstances, what your medical provisions and protocols are?fireworks display medic cover hertfordshire bedfordshire essex

These will be drawn into both your event and medical plan. Winging it and making it up when there is an incident that can cause a lot of serious trouble.

We are happy to help you with planning your bonfire fireworks event medical cover. It would be prudent to do this as soon as possible rather than just before the event.

It isn’t all about ensuring compliance with health and safety guidelines and duty of care at your Guy Fawkes Night event, it is about ensuring visitors have a fantastic evening and memorable for the right reasons.

The level of event first aid cover largely depends on the type and size of the event, we are here to help and more than happy to discuss your Bonfire or Fireworks Display event, talk about risks and first aid cover requirements.

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