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Need an Event First Aid Quote?

The quickest and most efficient method of getting an event first aid quote is to email us.

The reason why we suggest using email to receive your event first aid quote is quite simple.

We are generally out, providing event first aid cover and although your call may be redirected, or ask you to leave a message, phone signals are often bad and  distort messages or make conversations difficult.

However, we monitor our emails on even late into the night and we will respond as a matter of urgency.



1stAiders provide Birmingham event first aid services as well as all areas in and around the West Midlands including Staffordshire and Warwickshire. If your event is not in these counties, we’re happy to provide a quote, it may be mutually cost effective for us to provide first aid cover because our prices are extremely competitive.

The main areas in West Midlands that we provide event first aid services along with Birmingham  include Rugby, Coventry, Leicester, Dudley, Stoke-on-Trent, Walsall, and Wolverhampton.

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1stAiders is proud of our low cost Birmingham Event First Aid Cover, and equally proud of the high quality event first aid that we provide despite the low cost.

Cheap event first aid cover in Birmingham doesn’t mean it needs to be low quality. We don’t cut corners and we don’t try and ‘upsell’ our event first aid so that you feel you need more event first aid staff than is genuinely required

If your Birmingham event first aid requirements call for just one first aider based on your event risk assessments, that’s all we will supply.

We will not try and convince you that you need more event first aiders than you really do.

A solo first aider will arive in uniform, in a marked vehicle and fully equipped with medical provisions to suit your event.

Birmingham event first aid
Buckinghamshire Event Medical Support

If your Birmingham event first aid requirements call for one than one event first aider base on your event risk assessment, we will be pleased to provide a team that suits your event first aid requirements,

It may be that you require your event first aiders in a designated building as an even medical room and would like a highly visible marked first aid vehicle parked outside as a focal point.



Your Birmingham event first aid requirements may call for a medical tent in the form of a marquee or gazebo.
1stAiders can supply a medical tent, furnished with bed, table and chairs.

The flexibility of an event first aid tent means that you can choose where to site your event first aid point, either for maximum impact or indeed discreetly tucked away out of sight depending on the type of event.

Some events require highly visible first aid points whereas others do not.

Event first aid services Birmingham

1stAiders can provide am NHS style ambulance for your Birmingham Event First Aid as a high visual, prominent event first aid support ambulance.

This isn’t for the purpose of emergency patient transport but as an event first aid focal point and used by your event first aid staff as a welfare unit.

The added benefit of  an event first aid support ambulance  is that your guests and visitors can see where your event first aid post is.