Outdoor Events First Aid Services Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Northants

Outdoor event first aid services are an extremely important aspect of any outdoor event.

public event first aid services

All too often overlooked and many a regret after an incident.

outdoor event first aid cover hertfordshireEverybody wants the outdoor event to be successful and success is counted in many ways.
From the first aid perspective, incidents were dealt with calmly and professionally, everybody enjoyed their time at the outdoor event.

Even the most minor incident could spoil a person’s visit and indeed the party in which they belong, be it friends or family. The knock-on effect of a minor incident can affect many others, even escalating it to a potentially major incident if there is no rapid medical intervention.

A small outdoor event may only require a solo first aider. They will need a base; this could be a tent, indoor room, or vehicle.outdoor event first aid bedfordshire

Where the risk is higher we need to look at adding more equipment, this could be one or more patient beds, perhaps oxygen cylinders and defibrillators.

Clearly, the higher the risk the more first aiders and more equipment.

We promise not to upsell your first aid requirements if you only need a solo first aider, that is all we will supply.

We’re happy to discuss your outdoor event and first aid cover requirements. Whether it is a solo first aider in a response vehicle, a tent or indeed ambulance.

An ambulance is a great focal point and an ideal base for treating patients, on larger events we can get to an incident much quicker.

outdoor event medic services hertfordshire bedfordshireIn extreme events where the risk level is much higher, you may wish to have an ambulance to transport patients to hospital and if necessary using emergency blue lights. Under these circumstances, the ambulance must be CQC (Quality Care Commission) registered for quality control.

We would advise booking a paramedic and technician as crew for the emergency ambulance but it is important to know that if there is an emergency and a casualty must go to the hospital via the CQC registered ambulance, you will have no first aid cover unless you also book additional first aiders.triathlon event paramedic services herts beds bucks

Some extreme activity outdoor events need extreme medical cover whilst small and moderate events need a lower level of first aid cover.

Please send an email to mail@1stAiders.co.uk or call 033333 92223 to discuss the first aid cover for your event.