Christmas Party Event First Aid Cover

Christmas event first aid cover should be like a hidden gift! Out of sight and out of mind but when it is brought out, it is a very pleasant surprise.

christmas party event first aid coverA sudden illness or medical incident can spoil an entire event for everyone but discreet first aid cover, with fast response and intervention, can help make an event memorable for the right reasons.

Whether someone feels unwell, chokes, suffers from anaphylaxis or severe allergic reaction, chest pains or faints … whatever the incident your Christmas party event first aid cover can provide damage event first aid cover

First aid cover for a Christmas party event largely depends upon the size and type of celebration, you made need just a solo first aid with basic first aid kit to cover any minor incident.

You may need a first responder with advanced skills and enhanced equipment such as oxygen and defibrillator.

The more guests clearly increase the risk and demand for more first aid cover.

We at 1stAiders are proud of our policy of not ‘upselling’, we never try to increase cover if it is not needed,

Our event medical team wear green ambulance uniform, smart and polite.

christmas party first aid coverClearly, nobody really wants a first aid station in the festival hall or under the same ceiling as party guests, so we base ourselves elsewhere but in close proximity, far enough away from the celebrations but close enough for rapid response intervention.

We don’t want to make a fuss, no drama, just calmly deal with a situation as discreet as possible.

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